Yoonji Reem

Want Tears and Smiles at the same time? : Field of Dreams

Strangely enough, the film “Field of Dreams” manages to tie in two unlike subjects, father and baseball, to create a common theme; dream. By the sentimental plot and humane theme of the film, audiences feel sympathy and connection with the characters. Ray Kinsella is an ordinary farmer who lives in Iowa with his wife Annie and daughter Karin. As a child, his father was a player of Chicago White Sox and Ray grew up feeling the baseball near him. One day, he hears a voice in the crop field saying “ If you build it, he will come.” As Ray struggles to figure out what the ghost was saying, he sees an illusion of a baseball field in his crop field. Feeling sense of weird eagerness in his mind, he decides to follow the voice and build a formal baseball field in his farm.

However, even after Ray finishes building a baseball field, the ghost repeatedly gives mysterious clues to Ray. As he continues to look for a sign that can help him figure out the situation, he encounters many unusual people like Shoeless Joe Jackson, who Ray’s father was a great fan of, Terrence ‘Terry’ Mann, and Archie Graham, under one common point; they all like baseball. At the end of his long journey following the voice, he experiences an event that he never expected. By listening to a single voice of a ghost, Ray realizes the importance of relationship and gains new friendship of precious people.

The best part about this film is that it makes you smile throughout the movie but in the end it makes you cry. Ray Kinsella’s confused minds doesn’t make the audience nervous or uneasy, but instead makes audience to feel connection with him and lets to see how he matures throughout the movie. I felt connection with Ray because he showed his pure passion of achieving something that he feels that is important in his life. As an audience, you grow up with Ray Kinsella during his journey in the movie.

Besides the main character’s cuteness and humaneness, the sub-characters who appear in the movie gives a huge impression and deep emotion in the end of the movie. It was amazing to see how the different characters, with separate relationships can create a miracle under one common goal. Looking how Annie, Karin, Terry, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Archie Graham and many other characters in the film cooperate with each other and believe in Ray, I was emotionally impacted.

The only thing about the film that I wished it was better was sub-character’s acting. Whenever I was totally focused into the feelings and emotions of Ray Kinsella, other character’s acting often broke the flow of the film. For example, it was uncomfortable to see Amy Madigan (Annie Kinsella) often acting over the top or exaggerated when the movie was focused on Ray’s struggle and his emotions. It is not true to say that Amy Madigan’s acting was terrible, but it wasn’t excellent either.

I really enjoyed the various characters who played role in the film. The general characters who appeared in the film was very sweet and affectionate. They seemed all so passionate and pure, having an important goal in their minds. I especially liked Terry ‘Terrance’ Mann because he seemed intelligent and wise. I liked that fact that even though he is a writer, he has another goal for his dream as a baseball player. Even Mark, who opposed to Ray’s idea, eventually changed his mind because of other character’s sacrifice. Probably every people who watch the movie will like the friendliness and the love of all the characters.

Kevin Costner’s acting was rich enough to touch audience’s emotion. He was not an actor acting his part, but was a character who grew up throughout the plot of the film. His acting and expression in the eyes added on to a good factor of movie. I was impressed by how he could interact acting and the real emotions of the character and transfer that feeling to the audience.

Overall, this film was a combination of classic theme with modern characters. The impressive story line depicted a meaning of true human relationship and the passion that every one has in their minds. The combination of amazing visual effect and special personalities of the characters succeed to create original mood of the movie. It is the film that will make your passion rise again in your heart. When you finish watching “Field of Dreams”, your eyes will be full of tears but your mouth will be smiling.