Internal Conflict

Definition: in literature and drama, a struggle which takes place in the protagonist's mind and through which the character reaches a new understanding or dynamic change

Cinematic Examples

Frodo( Lord of the Rings)= Frodo has an internal conflict due to the pressure and the hard mission he has to succeed in the Lord of the wrings. He suffers all kinds of emotional pain and fights against the strong desire of the ring.

Harry Potter ( Harry Potter)= Harry Potter has many internal conflit from the fact that his parents died from Voldermort. He always keeps tn his mind and suppress his sadness trying to revenge on the Evil Lord Voldermort.


Literary Examples

Taming of the Shrew: This story was made by William Shakespeare and it talks about a person trying to tame her spoiled wife to become a kind and respectable spouse. The woman who is getting tamed goes through many internal conflict starting from manners to personality problems. She later becomes adjusted to the man's life style and becomes an admirable wife.

Bridge to Terabithia: In this novel, Jess Aarons, the main character in the story who lives in a rural city was the best runner in his class, however he meets a new student Leslie Burke who beats him in the race. After this incident, he becomes jealous and envy Leslie Burke who is talented in everything even at running which was his greatest talent. This was basically the internal conflict for Jess Aaron, who later gets over it as they become closer as friends. pimg_792957124400372.jpgpimg_792957124400372.jpg



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