Chaeri: Oh my God! Look at my bill! I did not talk on the phone for this long. This is just ridiculous!

Narrator: This is Chaeri.

Grace: And to think that all the money that we pay goes to bunch of old people. Talk about inequality.

Narrator: This is Grace. Grace loves money. Chaeri loves money. and this is their relationship.

Chaeri: Only if I were rich like Bill Gates.

Grace: Hey I’ll be right back. Can you watch my stuff for me?

Chaeri: (Sarcastically) Yeah, What are friends for?

Chaeri: Let’s see how much money she has today. (Gasp) Why does she have so much money? This is ridiculous! Sharing is caring.

Grace: Hey I’m back! Oh by the way, they have your coffee ready now.

Chaeri: Oh Okay. I’ll be right back.

Grace: Take your time! (Looks at Chaeri’s scarf) Oh~ so nice! Thank you Chaeri!

Chaeri: Hey Grace, we have to go now. My night shift starts in about an hour. Let’s go!


Chaeri: Hello?

Smith: Hello Ms. Chaeri Jeong. I’m Smith. I see you possess a great desire for money and power. Well Ms. Jeong, Let me tell you that I am an expert in the field of money and power. Work for me and I can make you as rich and powerful as you want to be. This offer, however, is conditional. You must follow my directions exactly. If interested, you must give me a phone call as soon as you can. Don’t lose this number: 010 2046 2238.

Voice: This message will self destruct in three seconds. Three, Two, One. BEEP.


Grace: Hey, What’s up?

Chaeri: I met this guy... actually, he called me and he said he can make me rich if I work for him. What do you think?

Grace: I say go for it.

Chaeri: Dude, I don’t even know this guy. You’re pathetic.

Grace: Whatever. Hey look!

Chaeri turns her head and Grace secretly writes down Smith’s number.

Chaeri: What?

Grace: Oh nothing. I thought I saw something funny. I have to go right now. Bye!

Chaeri: I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust anyone but myself.


Smith: Hello?

Grace: This is Grace. I want to be rich.

Smith: We have a deal.


Chaeri becomes rich scene.


Chaeri’s Dream


Chaeri reading the Bible.



Chaeri: Who is it?

No one answers.

Doorbell 2
Chaeri: Oh my God! Who is this?!

Chaeri walks to open the door.

Chaeri: Who are...

Smith: You’re mine now.