Introductory Notes:

Color Intro.key

Key Terms:

saturated color
desaturated color
local color
atmospheric color
monochromatic harmony
complementary harmony
analogous harmony
triad harmony

Terms Activity:

1. You will each be assigned one term from the above list.
2. Your job is to make a wiki page that explains your term in detail.
3. Include the following: definition, color example or image, a picture from any film that illustrates the term, and a brief analysis of how color works in that particular film
4. Please link the page under the appropriate heading on the class wiki.
5. Be sure to cite any images or definitions you use. You may NOT use a definition from my Keynote.

Moulin Rouge Color Analysis

1. Watch clips from the film. Either watch the entire thing or watch enough to understand how color is used in the film.
2. Review the terms presentations from your classmates. This will give you a better understanding of how color is used in film.
3. Write a short paragraph analyzing how color is used in Moulin Rouge.
4. Reference at least three of the terms that were discussed in this unit. Give a very specific example from the film to support your reference.
5. Please post your analysis on the wiki and bring in a hard copy next class.

Viewing Guide for Hero

Color Viewing Guide.pages

Reviews of Color in Hero

New York Times Review
Haro-Online Review
Rotten Tomatoes Review

Unit Project

1. Read the New York Times review "Cracking the Color Code of Hero." Notice how each color symbolizes an important part of the movie.
2. Read the other two reviews above which also discuss the use of color in the film.
3. Now it's your turn! Write a three paragraph short story in which color is used symbolically. The story should be very short and to the point. It should have a brief introduction, a conflict, a climax, a conclusion, and a theme. Remember a story does not have to be long to be good!
4. Choose at least two colors that function symbolically in your story. They should represent something important whether it be the character, the plot, the conflict, etc.
5. Illustrate your movie using any medium that you choose: iMovie, Comic Life, or just drawing on paper. The two colors should clearly represent the important aspects of your story in a fashion similar to Hero.
6. Your grade will be based on how well you demonstrate color as a symbol in your story.
7.Post your story and illustration on the class wiki. If you draw your picture, it must be scanned and uploaded to the wiki.

Unit Project Rubric

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