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On Story


On Dramatic Structure

in media res
flash forward


external conflict
internal conflict

On Characterization

stock characters
flat character
round character

On Symbolism


On Irony


Terms Activity

1. Students will be put into pairs.
2. Each pair will be responsible for two terms.
3. Each pair must make a new wiki page that has the definition of the term, one literary example, and one cinematic example.
4. In addition, each pair must make a one-minute video that illustrates the term. Be creative!
5. Remember to cite your sources using MLA format. Use Diana Hacker's website.
6. Each term must be placed on a separate page.
7. Each term should be placed under the correct heading on your class page

Viewing Questions

Fictional and Dramatic Viewing Guide.pages

"Allegory of the Cave" Plato

Comic Interpretation of the Cave

Allegory of the Sports Match

Your assignment today is to view any kind of sporting event. Based upon the events of the match, you are to make a five minute movie complete with narration and text on how the match is a representation of an actual event in history. Be creative! You can invent scenarios and make assumptions on the match but you have to relate the people and events to an actual event or idea. :)

Your movie should read as a story. You must include the following:
exposition, conflict, climax, conclusion, symbol, characterization, symbol, stereotype, round and flat characters, and flashback.

In short, you are writing a story that demonstrates how a volleyball match can really be an allegory! Be creative with your film making!

This assignment is due on Thursday, 9/24.

Sarah Cho, Jeffrey Ahn, Jennifer Kim, YoonJi Reem, Josephine Lee - Allegory
Chaeri Jung, Grace Paik, Nana, Dong-min, Corie- Volleyball & Allegory