Literary Terms

Grace & Corie Motifs
Josephine & Sarah
Chaeri& Nana
Jennifer & Yoonji
Jeff and Dongmin

Approaches to Ideas

Grace & Corie Human Relationships and Coming of Age
Jennifer & Yoonji **Moral Philosophical Riddle

Sarah & Josephine Struggles for Human Dignity
Chaeri & Nana: Social Problems and The Truth of Human Nature

Field Of Dreams Review

field of dreams review, corie hahn
Field Of Dreams Review, Grace Paik
Field of Dreams Review, Nana Park
Field of Dreams Review, Josephine Lee
Field of Dreams Review, Chaeri Jeong

Field of Dreams Review, Dongmin Lim
Field of Dreams Review, Yoonji Reem
Field of Dreams Review, Jennifer Kim

Field of Dreams Review, Jeffrey Ahn
Field of Dreams Review, Sarah Cho

Casablanca Review

Casablanca Review, Corie Hahn
Casablanca Review, Chaeri Jeong
Casablanca Review, Nana Park
Casablanca Review, Grace Paik
Casablanca Review, Yoonji Reem
Casablanca Review Josephine Lee
Casablanca Review, Sarah Cho
Casablanca Review, Jeffrey Ahn



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On Story

Conclusion, Jeffrey and Corie

credibility Grace and Sarah

Conflict - Nana and Josephine
Climax - Dongmin and Yoonji

Exposition Jennifer and Chaeri

On Dramatic Structure

Flash Forward, Jeffrey and Corie

Flashback Nana and Josephine

Jennifer and chaeri In Media res

On Conflict

Internal conflict- Yoonji and Dongmin
External conflict - Sarah and Grace

On Characterization

Foils - Corie and Yoonji
Caricature -Dongmin and Josephine
Flat Characters- Chaeri and Grace
Stock Character Jennifer and Nana
Stereotyped Character Jennifer and Nana
Round Character- Jeffrey and Sarah
Leitmotif - Jeffrey and Sarah

On Symbolism

Allegory - Dongmin and Josephine
Symbolism - Yoonji and Corie

On Irony

Irony - Chaeri and Grace

Allegory of a School Event

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Chaeri Jung, Grace Paik, Nana, Dong-min, Corie- Volleyball & Allegory
Sarah Cho, Jeffrey Ahn, Jennifer Kim, YoonJi Reem, Josephine Lee - Allegory


Visual Design

Period Pieces Chaeri Jeong
Fantasy Worlds Grace P.

Special Effects

Computer Generated Imaging -Josephine
Stop Motion Animation-Corie
Blue-screen Process - Jennifer Kim
Miniaturization - Nana Park
Drawn Animation - Yoonji Reem
Rough-grain film stock - Sarah Cho
Computer Generated Animation- Dongmin Lim
Smooth-Grain Film Stock- Jeffrey Ahn

Special Effects and Visual Design Project

Sarah Cho - Special Effects and Visual Design
Yoonji Reem- Special Effects and Visual Design
Jennifer Kim- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Josephine Lee- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Nana Park- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Corie Hahn- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Grace Paik- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Chaeri Jeong- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Jeffrey Ahn- Special Effects and Visual Design Project
Dongmin Lim- Special Effects and Visual Design Project


Key Terms

Nana Park- Local Color
Chaeri Jeong - Complementary Harmony
Sarah Cho - Triad Harmony
Josephine Lee - Saturated Color
Jennifer Kim- Atmospheric Color
Corie Hahn- Desaturated Color
Jeffrey Ahn- Tint
Yoonji Reem - analogous harmony
Grace Paik- Monochromatic harmony
Dongmin Lim- Shade

Moulin Rouge Color Analysis

Nana Park's Analysis
Corie Hahn's Analysis
Jennifer Kim's Analysis
Josephine Lee's Analysis
Yoonji Reem's Analysis
Sarah Cho's Analysis
Jeffrey Ahn's Analysis
Grace Paik's Anaylsis
Chaeri Jeong's Analysis
Dongmin Lim's Analysis

Color Project

Sarah Cho's Unit 4 project
Corie Hahn's Color Project
Jennifer Kim's Color Project
Grace's color project
Dongmin's color project
Chaeri's color project
Yoonji's color project
Jeffrey's color project
Nana's color project
Josephine's Color Project


Music Activity

Nana Park
Grace Paik
Yoonji Reem
Josephine Lee
Chaeri Jeong
Corie Hahn's Music Activity
Jeffrey Ahn Music Activity
Sarah Cho Music Activity
Jennifer Kim
Dongmin Lim


Yoonji Reem Soundtrack
Corie Hahn's Soundtrack
Sarah Cho's Soundtrack
Jeffrey Ahn's Southtrack
Nana Park's Soundtrack
Dongmin Lim's Soundtrack
Josephine Lee's Soundtrack
Jennifer Kim's Soundtrack
Grace Paik's Soundtrack
Chaeri Jeong's Soundtrack

Adaptation Project:

Adaptation Project Nana & Yoonji
Adaptation Project Jeffrey & Sarah
Adaptation Project Josephine & Dongmin
Adaptation Project Chaeri & Grace
Adaptation Project Jennifer & Corie