Unit 3 presentation.key

Visual Design

smooth-grain film stock
rough-grain film stock
period pieces
fantasy worlds

Special Effects

blue-screen process
computer generated imaging
drawn animation
stop-motion animation
computer generated animation

Terms Activity

1. Each student will be assigned one term from this unit.
2. Each student will make a short Keynote presentation on the term.
3. Include one definition (cited) and one movie trailer or clip that illustrates the term.
4. This is due next class. Post on the wiki under the appropriate class.

Terms Rubric

Ideas Rubric- Visual Design.pages

Viewing Questions

Visual Design and Special Effects Viewing Guide.pages

Unit Project

1. Find a film that has impressive visual design and uses special effects in some capacity.
2. Prepare a short Keynote on the film you have chosen. You are to introduce the film and then analyze the design and effects.
3. You must have 5-7 slides and a trailer of the movie.
4. Answer the following question at some point in the presentation: How do the design/special effects contribute to the meaning of the movie?
5. After each presentation, write a positive and critical comment on each student's wiki page.